Panagora Group Relocation

In 2022 an opportunity arose to relocate Panagora Group to new premises within the Walker Creek Office Park. The condition of this opportunity was that the client would not have to bear any responsibility for the relocation. This required a hands-on approach and extreme attention to detail.

As the client had been occupying existing premises they had learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t. It was my responsibility to sit with the client and design new premises that ticked all their boxes. I took responsibility for the layout design of the new premises, and to provide the client with further comfort designed a full Revit model for visualisation purposes.

Once the layout had been agreed upon, we had to provide finishes, furnishings and fitting out. This required providing the client with sample boards, furniture options and mockups of the model. The premises has a large feature wall in the central area which was perfectly suited for a mural. Local artists were approached to provide concept designs to suit the client’s development goals.

I was responsible for the execution of not only the design but also the physical relocation of the premises. The project had a fixed completion date as the client was still operating normally and had to accommodate their own clients and donors during this period. The physical installation was completed a week ahead of schedule which allowed ample time to properly plan the furniture and IT services relocation.

This project is very personal to me as I built a wonderful relationship with the client during this period and ultimately handed over the project as a huge success.