The Corner Office

During the construction of the Walker Creek IV project, C.J. Irons CC’s business partner had their Project Manager resign shortly after construction began on The Corner Office.

My directors asked whether I would be comfortable stepping in temporarily by assisting them, an opportunity I could not refuse. The situation was vastly different to anything I’ve previously experienced, as the design had already been finalised, construction had started, and it was a pure Client-Contractor relationship, where I would have to only represent the interests of the Client and their project.

I was to join the team immediately and had a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, a large complement of the Professional Team was shared with C.J. Irons CC/All Top Properties and the transition was fairly smooth.

My key responsibilities and tasks during this project involved the following:

– Project Manager acting as the liaison between the Developer, Project Team and Main Contractor.
– Chairing Design and Project Meetings as well as taking and distributing Minutes thereof.
– Coordination and Delegation of Professional Team Duties and Responsibilities.
– Ensuring that Request for Information (RFI) requests are acted on by the Professional Team when they are due by request of the Main Contractor.
– Ensuring that Working Drawings and Specifications are issued to the Site when they are required.
– Review of Working Drawings and Specifications to ensure that the Client’s requirements are met.
– Monitoring the Construction Programme/Schedule and highlighting areas of concern.
– Evaluate and Adjudicate Extension of Time Claims in consultation with the Principal Agent as they are received from the Main Contractor.
– Refine and Model the External, Site and Internal Common Area Lighting Designs.
– Specify and Procure any Client-supplied Free Issue Materials.
– Coordinate Building Services between design disciplines and resolve any clashes that arose during construction.
– Assist with Tenant Installation Specification and Design requirements.
– Manage Relationships with Neighbours and other Stakeholders.