Walker Creek Phase 3

After the completion of my Honours degree in Construction Management, I was permanently appointed at C.J. Irons Building Contractors and Property Developers as their Construction Project Manager for new projects, a position I still hold.

Working for C.J. Irons CC/All Top Properties is a real privilege as the company is one of very few in the industry who are developers, contractors and building owners. They procure land, develop the design, construct the building, lease the space and manage the properties, which gave me much more experience, across the entire industry, than working for only a developer or contractor would have ever given me.

My promotion to Construction Project Manager at C.J. Irons CC/All Top Properties also came with more responsibility for the project, and I was exposed to Design and Development meetings between the Building Owners and the Professional Team, the establishment of Project Timelines and Schedules, the negotiation of Subcontracts in collaboration with the Contracts Manager, the scheduling and procurement of Long Lead Items and acted as the primary person between the Contracting side of the business, and the Developing side of the business.

Furthermore, the Building Owners were targeting a Green Building Certification by the Green Building Council of South Africa, and it was my responsibility to ensure that the specific Green Building items were incorporated into the final building design and implemented on-site as many of these elements were not part of our ordinary construction processes and experience.
My key responsibilities and tasks during this project involved the following:

– Coordinating Request For Information (RFI) requests that arose from the construction site between the Professional Team.
– Attending Design and Development Meetings, providing feedback on behalf of the Construction Team, taking and distributing Minutes to all stakeholders, following up on Actionable Tasks arising from these Meetings and implementing the Contractor/Developer duties on site.
– Chairing Construction Site Meetings to ensure that the information discussed during the Design and Development Meetings was successfully conveyed to the Site and implemented, as well as resolving implementation concerns that arose on Site as a result of insufficient or unclear specifications, information and/or drawings.
– Developing and Managing the Project Programme/Schedule, providing regular feedback on progress to the Building Owners and highlighting areas of concern at an early stage.
– Managing Site Resources and Order Books, ensuring that material arrived on Site when it was required.
– Scheduling and Procuring Long Lead Item orders and coordinating deliveries with the Site.
– Negotiating Subcontracts with the Contracts Manager.
– Appointing, Scheduling and Monitoring Subcontractors and their progress on the Site.
– Incorporating Green Building design requirements as determined by the Environmental Professional into the building design, ensuring that these design requirements were implemented correctly on Site.
– Along with other duties previously mentioned under the Walker Creek II Project

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