Walker Creek Phase 4

The Walker Creek IV building was to be the final project in the Walker Creek Office Park development. This would also be the first project that I would take from start to finish with my team, from the procurement and rezoning of land, to the final leasing of the office space to a prime tenant.

The building is located on a triangular corner site, which required deviation from the standard design of the existing buildings. The corner site also lent itself to develop a special building, without detracting from the design already established in the office park.

It was my responsibility to ensure that the above target was achieved, and the Building Owners let me proceed with autonomy once the initial design was agreed upon, in consultation with them as was required during the progress of the development.

My key responsibilities and tasks during this project involved the following:

– Assisting in drawing up documentation required for the Procurement of Land and the subsequent Rezoning Application.
– Coordinating with the Town and Regional Planner with regards to obtaining Development Approval and establishing Infrastructure Upgrades.
– Negotiation with the Local Authority with regards to the extent of Upgrades and Improvements required.
– Negotiation with and Appointment of the Civil Contractor for the implementation of the Infrastructure Upgrades.
– Obtaining Final Approval from the Local Authority with regards to the Infrastructure Upgrades upon completion thereof.
– Establishing the Base Architectural Design of the Building in conjunction with the Building Owners.
– Refinement of the Final Architectural and Structural Design with the Professional Team.
– Developing the External and Site Lighting Design.
– Coordination of all other Building Services with the Professional Team.
– Chairing of Design and Project Meeting as well as taking and distributing Minutes thereof.
– Coordination and Delegation of Professional Team Duties and Responsibilities.
– Checking of Construction Working Drawings as they are issued to Site.
– Negotiating, Appointing and Monitoring Subcontracts.
– Chairing of Site Progress Meetings, as well as taking and distributing Minutes thereof.
– Developing and Managing the Project Programme/Schedule.
– Monthly Reporting to the Building Owners on Progress.
– Along with other duties previously mentioned under the Walker Creek III project.

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